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Here are my links

A few good bands

The Violet Burning: The coolest band on earth... except elder
Johnny Q Public: These guys are fun
Christafari: Good Christian reggae
The Prayer Chain: A good band but a dissapointing site
Elder: This is my friends band, buy their Cd
Fold Zandura: One of the best bands I've seen live
Fleming and John: Best chick band I know of
Stavesacre: Old members of the Crucified, so you know its good
Crashdog: The best of Christian punk
Phil Keaggy: I don't endorse most of his work, but Beyond Nature is a must have

Other fun links

Aish Ha Torah, window on the wall: The weeping wall live!!!!
Paul Reed Smith: I used to work here, there are guitars on this site I helped to build
The Bible and Abortion: If it matters to you this is what the Bible has to say about Abortion
Chosen People Ministres: A ministry dedicated to reaching out to Jews worldwide but espically in the promised land
Great mobile homes of Mississippi: Redneck heaven
The Amazing cow cam: Some things must be seen to be beleived
This one is a suprise: You have to see this
Toccoa Falls College: This is where I'm at
Guitar Links: Enough guitar links to keep you busy until Jesus comes back
Tooth and Nail: The home of almost every Christian Green Day wanabee
Something to think about: Visit here if, you visit nowhere else
Seventh Day Baptists: Check them out (they aren't a cult)
Dave's Insanity Sauce: I dare you to order this!!!!
Sergio Garzon: My little brothers website (much more entertaining than mine)
Leslie Suzanne: My cousins website (I do not gaurntee this site to be safe for minors)
Sam Armatige: My other cousins website (same warning as above)
hm magazine: One of the only electronic Christian music mags